About Rishad Ahmed Coaching

What do you get when you combine modern day NLP, psychoanalysis, and Quantum Physics with ancient techniques like Zen Buddhism,
Spirituality, and Ancient Wisdom? You get a feature-rich landscape of navigating your life, unlike any other.

Many years ago, when I began exploring ways of finding joy, inner peace, and true purpose, I asked myself: “would there be a way of being fully engaged and successful with my career, relationships and life and still be at absolute peace with what I have?” I wanted the spiritual dimensions without sacrificing my active presence in the world. I wanted it all: Ying and Yang; warrior and monk; entrepreneur and mystic; to be successful, both spiritually and existentially.

Over a decade of research and practice later, I discovered a set of tools and techniques to achieve just this – I formulated my teachings into a concept known as “Zen in the City” and now teach it to my clients and coaches who support me in bringing this teaching all over the world.

One of my clients said I’m a blend between an ancient Zen Master and a modern-day Entrepreneur.

I have guided thousands of clients across all continents to find meaning and joy in their lives. I conduct my sessions online and in person. I also travel to clients, globally, where I conduct workshops, masterclasses, and retreats.

If you would like to experience something new and ancient at the same time and are ready to step out of your conditioned mind, then prepare to be enchanted, mesmerized and inspired by Rishad’s unique approach to life, corporate success and relationships.

Who I work with?

I work with people who want to thrive in life and work. I am selective about who I work with and make sure we are a good fit. I work with C-level executives, leaders, CEO’s and people with high ambitions, both inwardly and outwardly. My clients range in age and life experience but they all have one thing in common – they want to live their best lives and want to live it now – without sacrificing anything they hold dear. They have realised that the way they were engaging in life is not getting them the required results they expect and are open to seeing another point of view.

How is my method different?

It is a journey into self-discovery, not just talk therapy. My coaching method is different since I take you on a guided journey into self-discovery and the lead you on your journey of self-mastery. First, we unpack exactly where we are and how we got here. Then we clarify exactly what we want, and together we begin the transformation process.

If change was a simple process of knowing what you need to change and doing it, there wouldn’t be a need for thousands of self-help books and videos. Change is intrinsically challenging. Our old patterns which are the neurons that have been firing together the same way are resistant to change. Therefore, we go on this journey together so that I can be with you as you venture into the unfamiliar.

The unfamiliar is where your new way of living resides. Redundant old patterns limit your possibilities and dreams. Thanks to “neuro-plasticity” it is possible to change old circuits and implement new and upgraded modalities.
I combine modern active listening techniques, NLP, timeliness therapy, reframing, suggestion therapy, gestalt therapy with Zen methods for getting to the root of what matters to you.

I have developed a unique process of listening and intuitively discovering what the client is really saying and wanting – feeling the words behind the words. This requires the coach to sit in stillness and meditate before a session so that they don’t bring any of their biases or past experiences. This ensures a fresh perspective can be fully realised.

I teach my coaches to intuitively feel, rather than understand what is really being said – this is the Zen teaching of “No Mind.”
Depending on the client, I will use a variety of techniques to overcome past blocks and barriers preventing you from blossoming into the fullest version of yourself.

How successful has it been?

Over the years clients have reported a tremendous change in their perspective on life. Relationships have been taken to a new level since a deep knowing of oneself must lead to a deeper knowing of people around us. Many people have achieved their goals in record time since they have a crystal-clear vision combined with a structured plan of action – being kept accountable every step of the way.

Many health and weight issues have disappeared because of healing old patterns and wounds associated with redundant thinking and feeling cycles. Many have found their deep place of inner peace and love and thrive, even in the most challenging of situations. See what others have said below.

Is this coaching right for you?

If you’re ready to break free of all patterns and aren’t afraid of challenging old patterns, this coaching may be for you. My approach is to question everything, and this may be uncomfortable for some. If you want to stick to convention and traditional corporate coaching methods, then this may not be for you. My approach can appear to be intrusive because that’s what it is.

I must cause internal cognitive dissonance to break established patterns that have kept you trapped in the place that you are in. The method has worked and tested over the years by leaders in the field of clinical psychology.

Teachings and Teachers I have learnt from and use in my practice
Modern Influencers
Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Erich Fromm, Simon Sinek, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Gregory Bateson, Virginia Satir, John Grinder, Fritz Perls, Milton H. Erickson. Rupert Spira, Bernardo Kastrup, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Thích Nhất Hạnh, Rupert Sheldrake, Masaru Emoto, DT Suzuki, Nikola Tesla, Neville Goddard, Terrence Mckenna, Brené Brown, James Clear.

Ancient Influencers
Jalaaludin Rumi, Shams Tabriz, Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Lao Tzu, Chuang tzu , Sadhguru, Ibn al Arabi, Pythagoras, Buddha, Thomas Cleary, Dogen, Patanjali.
Modern Teachings
Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation, Ikigai, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Leadership, Law of Attraction, Quantum physics, Socionics, Jungian archetypes, Epigenetics, Energy Healing, Alternative therapies, functional medicine,
Ancient Teachings
Sacred Geometry, Sufism, Tao, Zen, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Ayurveda, Hermetic Traditions, Bushido, Zen Calligraphy, Feng Shui, Pranayama, Chi Gong, Tao, Tantra, Tibetan Yoga, Vedic Wisdom, Holotrophic breathing, psychedelics, Kundalini yoga, Kriya Yoga.

What Clients say about Rishad’s Coaching

I had the privilege and honour to be coached by a great Master Rishad Ahmed through a wonderful journey to become the best version of myself, recently graduated from his “Unleash your Infinite Potential ” course, which is a powerful, valuable and insightful coaching program.

Behind of this, I discovered a wonderful soul very generous and kind person. Feeling grateful for all that you do for the whole of humanity through your wonderful energy and unlimited love and kindness.
Thank you

Hayat K.

I have been on the most incredible journey of realisation. I first spoke to Rishad because I was feeling quite stuck, and within 15 minutes of our conversation, I knew that he would be a wonderful gift for my life.

I have been taken on a transformative journey and am already feeling so much more clarity of mind. His approach to life is liberating and resonates deeply with me. I am ready to receive joy and have an understanding of my purpose. I really cannot recommend him enough.

Thank you, Rishad!

Lena C.

Insightful, positive, professional, and knowledgeable, are just a few words I would use to describe Rishad. Just reading his posts alone, you will see his wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as his passion for helping others.

If you are ever fortunate to meet Rishad, expect your life to change. He is an incredible coach who will literally “rock your world” and you will come out the other side feeling on top of it. Fully recommend you follow Rishad and reach out to one of his incredible programs.

Liz J.

I have worked with some of the most high-profile people across a variety of disciplines including celebrities, politicians, famous sports personalities, artists, and CEO’s. Many of these people prefer not to share their engagement with to maintain confidentiality.
If you a high-profile individual and want to find out who I’ve worked with, we can arrange a private conversion where I will share some of these details once we have a confidentiality agreement in place.

High-Profile Clients and Celebrities



This personal coaching package includes 4 personal coaching sessions to book according to your own schedule. Once a week is preferred for optimal benefits.

Once you have applied, allow 3 days for your application approval. Then once payment is made and proof of payment is received, you will get all the documents emailed to you, and you will schedule your personal sessions.